Hello & welcome.

This is the online portfolio of freelancing art director & graphic designer Andreas Haase. Currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

I’ve worked with & for small businesses, large advertising agencies, private & non-profit organisations since 1999. Offering all kind of classic graphic design services like identity & logo development, visual concepts, business papers, advertising materials, broschures, webdesign, screendesign & app-design. I gained experience designing catalogues, annual reports, packaging, infographics, motiongraphics, events, programms & booklets, posters, flyers & music artworks … and i'm in love with images & ideas. Getting complicated things simple and good ideas into reality. Always trying to create something special, maybe magic, in those few seconds between viewer & work. In between this often way too short hello & goodbye.

If you would like to have more information about me or my work please don't hesitate to say hello. andreas.haase[at]hellogoodbye.de

Currently working on: